We have more facilities nationwide—including locations in New Jersey (EWR), Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX), and Atlanta (ATL)—and partners in more than 200 countries around the world. That means faster processing, better delivery times, and more cost-effective last-mile deliveries for you.

Daily and as-needed pickups
You can also ship your deliveries to our processing centers at no cost.

Same-day processing
At our network of TSA-compliant facilities, including same-day induction into our domestic network and same-day processing and export to our international network.

Customized, online invoicing & chargeback reports
Including immediate billing, so you can immediately chargeback your customer or department.

Automatic upgrades
When possible, we can automatically upgrade your shipments to courier or first-class service, at little to no added cost.

On-site assistance for heavy volume mailers
Global Delivery Network will place an employee on-site to help process mail, saving you labor cost and freeing up your associates to perform other tasks.

Address hygiene and correction
Visibly deficient addresses are inspected, corrected, on-forwarded, and a copy is faxed or mailed back to you at no additional cost. This ensures timely delivery, allows you to update your address files immediately, and saves you from the wasted labor and postage created by mailing to the same deficient address time and again.

Our Process

Mail Process chart