Powered by our Parcel Delivery System (PDS), the specialists at Global Delivery Network can handle all of your logistical heavy lifting so that you can focus growing your business.

Customized routing
The entire process begins with an effective routing methodology customized around your company’s expectations. We guarantee delivery in hours and days, not weeks. 

Flexible, trackable collection
Whether you take advantage of Global Delivery Network’s LTL services or self-manage your pickups and deliveries, PDS can track and confirm the collection of every parcel.

Expert customs compliance
With more than 25 years of experience in international shipping, we know international regulatory requirements better than anyone. We’ll help you understand which products will and won’t meet regulatory approval and streamline your clearance process in a way that virtually eliminates customer refusals and returns.

Simpler, more cost-effective returns management
Through PDS, customers can conveniently print return authorization labels at home and return their parcels directly to their local post offices.  If you choose to have the parcels shipped back to you, your return costs will be the SAME as your outbound costs, guaranteed. (Based on twice monthly returns to the U.S.)

What is Parcel Delivery System (PDS)?
PDS is the state-of-the-art software platform developed by Global Delivery Network to streamline, manage, and monitor all aspects of your shipping process, from online checkout to final delivery—even customer returns. It’s easy to integrate and flexibly designed to fit any business’s technological capabilities. But more importantly, it centralizes all your processes onto one platform, giving you valuable real-time tracking and data at every step of your shipping process:

  1. Receipt of freight
  2. Delivered for processing
  3. Processed
  4. Airlift
  5. Landing and clearance
  6. Out for delivery
  7. Delivery to your customer