How We're Different

E-commerce. Shipping. Logisitics. Mail. As the international shipping experts, Global Delivery Network does it all—and does it well. But our most important job is being your partner. The partner you can count on to help you build and optimize total, smarter solutions for growing your business worldwide.

Step-by-step guidance from the very start
We take the time to understand your sales, operations and technical capabilities so we can provide a solution that’s expertly tailored just for your business. From onboarding to launch, we’re right by your side, making sure your company has a complete understanding of the implementation process.

Service that doesn’t stop with delivery
Once you’re live, we continue to monitor your progress, providing ongoing industry insight and guidance to help you maximize your domestic and international efficiencies and strategically plan for future growth.

Shipping advantages for your bottom line
With more than 25 years of experience in domestic and international shipping, we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s how we’re able to offer bottom-line advantages at every step of the shipping process, including:

    • Substantial cost savings over other international carriers
    • Faster processing at more facilities nationwide
    • Customs clearance designed to help you eliminate customer refusals and returns
    • Industry-best delivery times to more than 180 countries
    • Simplified, cost-saving returns management

Technology that makes the entire shipping process easier
Our seamless, easy-to-use Parcel Delivery System (PDS) combines e-commerce, shipping, customs clearance, delivery and returns into an end-to-end solution that provides all of the tools you need to streamline and optimize your shipping strategy.